CCTV Security service designed for schools

Help secure your school

Atomwide is pleased to be able to offer a bespoke CCTV Security service to help you protect staff, pupils and the school premises.

Designed with school security needs and budgets in mind, the system allows up to 8 CCTV cameras to operate from a single server to help prevent vandalism and enhance security.

All cameras output still images visible through a dedicated website and a mobile app, with stills typically refreshing every minute. Any image can then be selected to view the camera live in real time.

This is a flexible, scalable system that is simple to set up and manage so you can be up and running in no time. It offers an affordable CCTV solution that can be configured to suit your budget.

Cameras can be monitored via a dedicated website and via our mobile app by all users with the appropriate permissions.

CCTV 24 hour surveillance

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